Only, red beans and sediment

It only started with red beans, a few grains of red beans.
Sweet red bean paste that used to boil in my mother's pot!
It brought back the taste of the deep years.


Makes products that look good and taste good reliable.
Walking with the history of Korean sediment, we are Daedoo foods.

Brand storyDaedoo Brand

It started with only a few red beans and a few red beans.
Would you like to hear the story of Daedoo foods, which has become the history of sediment?

Daedoo Story in detail Daedoo Brand in detail

Our traditional food at the highest quality and reasonable price.
We will continue and develop.

Hwakwabang in detail

We value traditional food culture made of rice and pursue constant innovation.
The Story of Haessalmaru, the first Korean brand specializing in rice flour.

Haessalmaru in detail
some people who bet their lives on bread and rice cake

From the moment you open your eyes to the time you sleep, there are people who think about food every day.
Delicious healthy food, everyone who bet on making it.

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