So, soybean food has been reborn as a general food company.

Healthy Rice Flours From Nature

Daedoo Food has 15 years of experience in manufacturing rice flours, produces rice breads, confections, rice cakes, starches, premixes
and frozen doughs, Our company is aiming to replace all of the wheat flour-based products with rice flours.

01 Core Technologies and Patents

Daedoo Foods products are made from high quality rice flours. Using our core technologies and patented technologies, we are able to enhance the natural texture of rice and maintain consistent flour quality.

02 Convenient, Standardized Recipes.

Daedoo Foods offers standardized recipes so that customers do not have to go through the process of washing, soaking and grinding the rice. The standardized recipes produce consistent quality regardless of how they are used, when they are used and who uses it.

03 High-Quality, Multi-Variety Production System

Daedoo Foods produces products tailored to baking, confectionery and making rice cakes. Daedoo Foods’ products enable the customers to maximize the benefits of rice, save cooking time and apply products to cooking a variety of different foods.

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