CEO’s Greetings

Daedoo Foods Has Been Upholding ‘Honesty’ as Its Core Value.

Daedoo Foods Has Been Upholding ‘Honesty’ as Its Core Value. 따옴표

Our company believes that when we are creating healthy food for our customers, we must be sincere and honest. From the start, Daedoo Foods has been upholding one core principle, ‘No Preservative’.

Daedoo Foods is a food company that manufactures sweet pastes, sweetened beans and rice flours. These are all food ingredients related to breads, confections and rice cakes. Breads, confections and rice cakes are also related to ‘Soul’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Future’ which are the three things always kept close to our employees when we create products at Daedoo Foods. ‘Soul’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Future’ are integrated into our attitude, vision and philosophy at Daedoo Foods when it comes to food manufacturing.

First, upholding the soul of Iseongdang Bakery, the oldest bakery in Korea. At this bakery, we started making soulful products that people can love and cherish. Second, Daedoo Foods devoted all its resources, skills and passion to improve the quality of sweet pastes. This led to help create and expand the industry. To add on, Daedoo Foods transformed the red bean paste manufacturing process which was basically done manually into a systematic and automated process. Finally, Daedoo Foods envisions a bright future where its sweet pastes are introduced to the world. It is Daedoo Foods’ primary goal to introduce sweet pastes and rice breads across the world for millions of people to enjoy one of Korea’s comfort food.

By using the great ingredients created by Daedoo Foods like the sweet pastes and rice flour, many different companies are creating delicious products. We hope to grow with all those who trust us and support us. We will always provide you with the tastiest and healthiest products.

CEO, Sung-yong Cho 싸인
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