Daedoo Foods

A Brand That Leads a Food Culture of Paste, Sweetened Beans and Rice Flour

What Makes Daedoo Foods’ Processed Agricultural Products Different

Quality Management

Daedoo maintains the consistency in product quality and cost competitiveness through long-term contracts and bulk purchases

Safety Certification

Daedoo manages hygiene and safety of the products by trading only with HACCP-certified partners.

Exclusive Personnel in Charge

Daedoo uses an exclusive responsibility system to manage and improve the quality of the products and to quickly respond to quality-related issues

Quality Management
Safety Certification
Exclusive Personnel in Charge

The Birth of Diced Chestnuts

01 Daedoo Foods makes its own diced chestnuts!

You can trust the quality because Daedoo Foods produces diced chestnuts using the very skills and research facilities it has been using to produce sweetened products.

02Delicious chestnuts in season!

Daedoo Foods visits the producing regions to collect the best chestnuts that are sweet, dense and have good texture

03 What makes Daedoo Foods’ diced chestnuts better than other diced chestnuts out there

Daedoo Foods sorts the healthiest and tastiest chestnuts through a three-step process. We take out chestnuts with insect damage or those that have sprouts coming out of them. *The damaged chestnuts lack the natural flavor of chestnuts and chestnuts with sprouts growing out of them are too hard because they contain too much fiber.

04 Best chestnuts for making breads, pastries and rice cakes

Good chestnuts are big, sweet and have that distinct flavor of chestnuts. We make sure the cuts are minimal so that you don’t have to use too much chestnuts to get the flavor you want for your breads, pastries and rice cakes

The Uses of Crumbs, Powder and Dried Food

Daedoo Foods offers delicious bean, black sesame, sweet pumpkin and red bean powder, dried slices of pumpkin and other great produce, mugwort crumbs and castella crumbs which can enhance the texture of breads, pastries and rice cakes. We processed fresh, healthy agricultural products making sure the natural color and flavor stay the same.

Crumbs, Powder and Dried Food Story You can taste the natural flavors of healthy produce from the crumbs when used on rice cakes like injeolmi Try mixing them with batter or cream to get more special flavor and texture. Daedoo offers great ingredients that can be used for seasonal deserts like black sesame shaved ice and mugwort latte

Daedoo Foods processes agricultural products through its advanced maceration technique and research capabilities it uses to make paste and sweetened products. More than anything, we are focused on offering healthy and high-quality produce in season to our customers. We’ll develop great processed agricultural ingredients for breads, pastries and rice cakes so that you can spend your valuable time grow your business.

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