Values and Vision

Our goal 's to provide delicious and safe food to customers.

we believe this idea is the driving force that has kept us going today

Brand Philosophy 따옴표

Daedoo Foods’ core philosophy is

Mimisinseon means to ‘provide delicious and safe foods’.

Our core belief is to be sincere and honest

when we are making healthy foods for our customers.

The philosophy of mimisinseon is the key reason why

our company has been able to grow a strong foundation

without any hinderance and continue to strive for excellence.

Brand Values

The history of
sweet paste in South Korea.

In South Korea, the industry to sell sweet pastes did not exist 30 years ago.

Daedoo foods is one of the early pioneers to help create and expand the market to sell products such as sweet paste through product research and development.

As a result, it is safe to say that the history of sweet pastes in South Korea is the history of Daedoo Foods.

We believe that our employees’ growth is the company’s growth.

At Daedoo Foods, we value honesty and trust because the company cannot grow properly without them.

Our company values these important characteristics within our employees since this is how Daedoo Foods manages and operates. We strongly believe that the employees’ growth is the company’s growth.

We specialize in manufacturing food products such as sweet pastes and rice flours.

Our company, Daedoo Foods, specializes in manufacturing sweet pastes and rice flours. By using the new and innovative paste manufacturing technologies, created through trial and error by our Daedoo Food Research Lab, we can manufacture quality sweet paste products. In addition, our company’s food research lab has expanded our research and experiments on processed rice products to help develop new products to promote consumption of Korean rice.

Brand Vision

After 30 years in this industry, Daedoo Foods has become a successful company that manufactures more than 200 types of sweet pastes using its cutting-edge technologies. Daedoo Foods offers a wide range of different products including rice flours, sweetened beans, breads, rice cakes, jellies, flower buns, diced chestnuts and our flagship product, the sweet pastes. Daedoo Foods is constantly expanding its distribution network to accommodate the rising number of products it manufactures. Our company is headed to global markets with its new and delicious flavors. The products Daedoo Foods offers are versatile. For example, they can be used for baking breads and pastries or making rice cakes. Daedoo Foods is proud to have started the history of paste products in South Korea and is striving to become a global company that promotes Korean flavors and traditions around the globe.

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