Daedoo Foods

A Brand That Leads a Food Culture of Paste, Sweetened Beans and Rice Flour

Understanding Basic Sweetened Beans and Dried Sweetened Beans

Daedoo Foods’ sweetened beans are divided into basic sweetened beans and dried sweetened beans according to sugar content and storage period. Using systematic maceration and sterilization process, Daedoo Foods produces a variety of sweetened bean products that can be used for making breads, pastries and rice cakes.

Basic Sweetened
  • Can be used right after opening
  • 60~67Brix
  • 3 - 12 Months (Expiration date varies depending on sugar content or whether or not the product has been sterilized)
  • The texture is soft, the products show natural colors of the crops and the products can be stored relatively for a long period because they have been macerated
Dried Sweetened Beans
  • Can be used after soaking them in water
  • 48 Brix
  • 6 Months
  • Dried sweetened beans have lower sugar content than basic sweetened beans and can be stored for longer periods of time. To get softer texture, soak them in water for about 20 minutes.

What Makes Daedoo Foods’ Sweetened Beans Different

The exhaust air of soybeans is made clean and reliable in state-of-the-art systems. It's a safe-certified product for everyone, from children to senior citizens.

Daedoo Foods’ Maceration System

Daedoo uses its unique maceration system to maintain the natural color, shape and flavors of the beans

Safety Certification

Daedoo does not add any artificial colors or preservative to its products and operates HACCP-certified facilities.

Distribution and Storage Made Easy

Daedoo packages its products sterilized to make distribution and storing safer and easier.

Work Efficiency

Daedoo’s products can be used right after opening the packaging.

A Variety of Sizes

Daedoo offers a variety of packaging sizes from 200g to 2Kg.

Controlling Sugar Content of Sweetened Beans

You can control the sugar content of the sweetened beans to your preference by soaking in them in water. * Consume them as quickly as possible after processing them.

Sweetened Beans Story Sweetened red beans, black beans, peas and chickpeas make the shapes, flavors and textures of rice cakes better.

The sweetened beans Daedoo Foods’ produces through research and development help the food companies develop unique flavors of their own. We’ll take care of the sweetened beans for you so that you can spend your valuable time grow your business.

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