Historical Timeline

The story of soybean food, which began in 1945.

2011 - 현재
  • 2022 Selected as 'Small Strong Company' (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • 2021 Awarded with the 'Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit' (Food Safety Day) * Contributing to national industrial development through food safety
  • 2020 Selected as ‘Small Giant Company of Korea’ (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • 2019 Selected as a ‘Small But Strong Youth-Friendly Enterprise.’.
  • 2017 Acquire HACCP certification for boiled agricultural products, processed peanuts and nuts, processed bean products, marmalades and jams. Acquires HACCP certification for all plants except for the rice flour plant.
  • 2016 Acquires Gluten-Free certification.Acquires ‘Innovative Technological Small to Medium Enterprise Certification (INNO-BIZ)’.
  • 2015 Designated as a ‘Human Resource Development-Oriented Small to Medium Enterprise’.
  • 2014 Corporate research lab established and officially certified.
  • 2013 Acquires HACCP certification for rice cakes and breads.
  • 2012 Awarded with the ‘Proud Small to Medium Enterprise Award’. Acquires HACCP certification for jelly products.
  • 2011 The construction of a dough and jelly production plant completed. Awarded with the ‘3 Million Dollar Export Tower’ in the same year.
2001 - 2010
2001 - 2010
  • 2010 Awarded with Prime Minister’s Award for contributing to the ‘National Development Through the Production and Distribution of High Quality Rice.‘
  • 2006 Acquires a patent for a rice flour composition for pizza and baking and method thereof.
  • 2005 A rice flour plant with an advanced facility built within Seosu Plant.
  • 2004 Acquires Patent No. 0425771 with the premix research, development and manufacturing method using rice flours as the main ingredient.
  • 2003 Awarded with the 1 Million Dollar Export Tower on the 40th Trade Day.
  • 2002 The construction of the sorting plant completed.
1945 - 2000
1945 - 2000
  • 1992 The construction of Seosu Plant with a systematic mass production facility completed.
  • 1983 CEO Sung-yong Cho founded paste manufacturing company, Daedoo Foods Co., Ltd. Daedoo Foods ignited a fire in the barren paste industry.
  • 1945 The year of Korea’s liberation from Japan. Iseongdang, the oldest bakery in Korea opened in the city of Gunsan.
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