Premium dessert brand that offers delicious Korean desserts.

Hwakwabang’s ‘Sweet’ Philosophy

Making Our Everyday Lives Sweeter!

Breads, sweet snacks and rice cakes. They lift your mood up when you're feeling low, they give energy to your tired body and they take away that awkwardness you feel with the person sitting in front of you.

That magic is what Hwakwabang wants to share with you.
Hwakwabang wants to offer you wonderful desserts you can use to express gratitude to someone, desserts that you enjoy during your break on a busy day, healthy desserts your children can enjoy and healthy desserts made with the best ingredients.
That is the goal Hwakwabang is striving to achieve.

Hwakwabang’s Belief in Freshness

From Selecting Raw Materials to Delivering to the Customers

Our first priority is getting the most reliable ingredients. We first choose good, quality ingredients. All of Hwakwabang’s products are made with pastes that satisfy the five quality requirements Daedoo Foods upholds. Also, Hwakwabang only uses rice flours manufactured through Haessal Maru’s special flour manufacturing technologies.

A strict manufacturing process is a basic requirement. Hwakwabang ensures a high level of hygiene and food safety through an ACCP-certified manufacturing process. Hwakwabang never uses preservative for its products and only makes products that can be safely consumed by children.

Hwakwabang Story We started developing products, wanting to share the sweetness of Korean breads and confections with you.

We used the best ingredients we can get to make rich-flavored breads, savory confections and sweet red bean jelly and, premium manju. We also expanded our product line by producing rice cakes using our cutting-edge freezing systems. Try our products as snacks and as gifts for your loved ones.

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