Processed Agricultural Products

So, soybean food has been reborn as a general food company.

Daedoo Uses its Advanced Technologies to Include Agricultural Products in its Product Line

Daedoo Foods processes a variety of agricultural products using its know-hows on manufacturing pastes, sweetened beans and rice flours as well as processing grains it has accumulated over the past 35 years. It produces and supplies diced chestnuts, crumbs and powders that can be used for baking, confectionery and making rice cakes.

01 Diversification of Breads, Confections and Rice Cakes

Using its know-hows and technologies for paste and sweetened bean manufacturing, Daedoo Foods bring in a variety of agricultural products such as beans, mugwort, pumpkin and black sesame to create tastier and healthier breads, confections and rice cakes.

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