To introduce the source of soybean food, we must discuss the bakery [Lee Seong-dang]

#1 A Mother and Iseongdang Bakery

We cannot talk about the origin of Daedoo Foods without mentioning Iseongdang Bakery. After Korea's liberation from the Japanese colonization in 1945, a mother living in port city, Gunsan, started baking breads to make a living. She boiled beans and kneaded doughs day and night as she would prepare meals for her family. And that little bakery is the Iseongdang Bakery we see today. The son who grew up watching his mother work all day and night for her family, started studying pastes. He wanted to preserve and share his mother’s recipe to as many people as possible using the tasty pastes. Five years later, after a period of careful preparation, he founded Daedoo Foods.

#2The Journey to Success in Sweet Paste Manufacturing

When Daedoo Foods took its first step, no one expected the company to become what it is today. But a sincere heart prevails and passion never lets you down. In 1996, 13 years after the establishment, Daedoo Foods and its employees’ hard work finally paid off. Daedoo Foods finally reached the 10,000-ton mark of paste production. Moving forward from this little miracle, Daedoo Foods constantly strengthened its technologies and became a company leading the paste industry.

#3Until We Hear You Say, “Nothing Can Beat Daedoo’s Pastes!”

More than 30 years have passed since the establishment of Daedoo Foods. Daedoo Foods now produces 24000 tons of products a year. Daedoo Foods is undoubtedly the leading paste manufacturer in the nation with its pastes making up 70% of the total pastes consumed by the nation and is on its way to becoming a global corporation. Daedoo Foods manufactures more than 200 types of different pastes! In addition to red bean paste, which is the signature product, Daedoo Foods constantly develops new flavors like chickpea, strawberry, sweet potato, pumpkin, mugwort, yuja and coffee pastes. Daedoo Foods also accommodates different customer needs by offering low-sugar pastes and premium pastes. We will always try our utmost to offer the tastiest and healthiest pastes until we hear you say, “Nothing beats Daedoo’s pastes!”

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