Pastes & Sweetened Beans

So, soybean food has been reborn as a general food company.

Standardization of Pastes and Sweetened Beans

Each year, using its advanced manufacturing facilities and hygiene management systems, Daedoo Foods produces more than 20,000 tons of products including more than 200 types of different pastes, color and flavor products made of chickpeas, red beans, sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

01 5-Step Sorting System

Carefully selected premium red beans.
To select quality red beans, Daedoo Foods applies five quality indicators in the sorting process.
After separating the beans by size, a stone separator is used to separate beans by their uses
Then, the beans are separated again through a gravity separator.
The beans then go through a magnetic separation and color sorting process. After all those steps, the beans that get to become the main ingredient are finally selected.

02 Hygiene Management through HACCP Certified Process and Facilities

All of Daedoo Foods’ facilities are HACCP certified.
HACCP includes hazard analysis (HA) and critical control points (CCP).
Daedoo Foods ensures high level of food safety through HA and CCP identification.

03 The National Largest Paste Producer

Daedoo Foods was the first one to use the term anggeum (paste) and baegi (sweetened beans).
Daedoo Foods also was the first to distinguish paste and sweetened beans.
Daedoo Foods standardized the terms anggeum (paste) and baegi (sweetened beans) nationwide and is currently the largest quality paste producer in the nation (30,000 tons/year).

04 High-Quality, Multi-Variety Production System

Daedoo Foods produces more than 200 types of pastes and sweetened beans to meet different customer needs.
Daedoo Foods also offers products in varying sugar content and viscosity.

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