Research Areas

some people who bet their lives on bread and rice cake.

Daedoo Foods’ Foods Research Lab 따옴표

Daedoo Food’s Food Research Lab was first opened in June 2014. It was established to carry out research and development of tastier and healthier products that can satisfy the customer needs. The simple yet honest goal of this research lab is to develop and experiment foods that are good for the people.

Daily Routine at the Research Lab
People Who Devote Their Lives to
Developing Breads and Rice Cakes

Employees at Daedoo Food Research Lab only think about food from the moment they open their eyes to the moment they get into bed. These people are devoted to making delicious and healthy foods. These workers do it because the products they make are for the people and in hopes that they keep people alive and healthy. If you like Daedoo Foods’ pastes and if you believe in Daedoo Foods’ rice flours, that is because of these wonderful people at Daedoo Food Research Lab.

Research in Pastes
Finding the Ultimate Paste

Daedoo Foods’ secret is in the pastes. There are more than 200 types of different pastes Daedoo Foods has developed over the years. This is the result of research and developmental efforts made by many experienced experts at Daedoo Foods. The rich flavors which are the pride of Daedoo Food Research Lab come only from the natural flavors of fresh, raw materials. The fact that we do not add any additives is what differentiates us from our competitors. Daedoo Food Research Lab consistently carries out new experiment and research on raw materials, pastes and complete products to find the best flavors.

Research in Rice Flours
The Magic Between Rice Flours
and Doughs

It was Daedoo Food Research Lab that enabled Daedoo Foods to break away from the belief that breads must be made with wheat flours. Our company introduced that idea of using rice flours to replace wheat flours. At Daedoo Foods, we used the advanced technology to accentuate the benefits of rice flour in comparison to wheat flour. Daedoo Foods gluten-free rice flours are not only perfect for those who are allergic to wheat flour but they are our patented ingredient that can be used to make healthy foods and serve as a proper meal. Daedoo Food Research Lab constantly carries out research to develop innovative rice flour-based ingredients and complete products.

Research in Customer Psychology
Understanding Food and People

One of the trickiest research areas is about understanding the customer needs. Daedoo Food Research Lab’s priority is to understand people’s desires and the relationship between food and people. Studying attitudes and desires towards food may vary by age or gender. Using these insights, Daedoo Food Research lab can focus and assist in developing new products. Moreover, Daedoo Food Research Lab will continue to research for future foods products as a long-term project.

Research in Safe Packaging
Every Little Detail in Packaging

Food packaging is more than aesthetics. Through research, our company is consistently looking for the best packaging solutions that can maintain the freshness of the products, block off any harmful substance and maintain the quality of products until they reach the doorstep of the customers. Daedoo Food Research Lab is responsible for figuring out the safest packaging. Daedoo Food Research Lab takes every little product and packaging into consideration, from start to finish.

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