Haessal Maru

Korea’s First Rice Flour Brand

What Makes Haessal Maru’s Rice Flour Different

Produces rice flour from the new rice floor with a difficult screening process and precise electronic fairy tale system.

Wet-Ground Flour

All the flours of Haessal Maru are wet-ground flours. Soaking rice in water increases the gap between the starch particles in rice grains and makes the grains retain water like a sponge. Because of this, Haessal Maru’s rice flours delay staling and offers better texture


Product competitiveness comes when the product offers consistent flavor and quality regardless of who’s using it or when it is used. Haessal Maru’s rice flours have consistent quality and can be manufactured quickly for making breads, confections and rice cakes.

Hygiene and Convenience

Rice soaking process is an essential process when making breads, confections and rice cakes using rice but the process can be inconvenient and difficult to manage for sanitary reasons. By using Haessal Maru’s rice flour, you can save your time by skipping this soaking process. Haessal Maru’s rice flour is also dry like wheat flour so you can store the flour for a long period of time.

quality uniformization

Long-term contracts, bulk purchases ensure uniform quality and price competitiveness.

Haessal Maru’s Rice Flour Manufacturing Process

The soaking and grinding processes are essential when making breads and rice cakes using rice flour. Haessal Maru’s rice flour which has gone through all these processes, can save you time and enable you to make your products more conveniently. Let’s look at how rice flour is made.

Rice Flour Story “Can we replace wheat flour with healthier rice flour?"

This very question led Daedoo Foods to develop rice flour perfect for making breads, confections and rice cakes. We’ll take care of all the processes that go into making rice flour such as washing rice grains, soaking the grains and grinding them so that you can spend your valuable time grow your business.

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